Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Saturday - Jacksonville

Another day, another gorgeous sunrise:

Saturday we headed over to Jacksonville, just a half hour or so away, to visit the science museum. Gavin was excited when we told him where we were going, he said, "Yay! Museums are my favorite!"

River walk area outside the museum:


 Afterward we went to Whataburger (yay!) for lunch:

 And then a park on base to play. Amelia played and wandered around...
 while Gavin went on a lizard hunt:

 got it!
 Then back to the beach:

 Nothing happier than a baby in a tide pool:

 That evening there was a free concert in the park next door. We had a good view from the hotel, and might have stayed for more than a few songs if it hadn't been country. The next act was more rockin' but they started right as the kids fell asleep (9pm). I could still hear them in the hotel room though.

 covering my ears because it was loud:

Sunday morning we headed home. As Amelia came in from the balcony the last time she said "beautiful view." We took the scenic route home through Amelia island and stopped to look at one of it's beaches - pretty similar to where we stayed, but more built up with condos and such. Still a neat area and I would like to return when Amelia is old enough to appreciate her name on an island and half the streets and businesses in town. All in all a fun trip, and cheap too. The whole trip was under $600 including gas. Thank you military discounts. I was happy to learn that Amelia is old enough to take on vacation and sleep well in a hotel bed, and look forward to many future family adventures.