Tuesday, July 5, 2016


In May after we got back from our Florida vacation is was time to open up the pool. We needed to install a new liner this year and decided to do it ourselves to save money. Long story short - we have a new pool. It's a little bigger than our old one, 27ft vs 24ft. We are getting our use out of it. At the end of May Gavin graduated 2nd grade, Uncle Tom visited over Memorial Day weekend, and Amelia caught a cold. Then I caught the cold which turned into a sinus infection. I was sick for 3-4 wks, putting a damper on our summer plans. We still managed to have some fun. I took the kids swimming as often as I could bare, Amelia and I did mommy and me swim lessons, and we made it to the library and park to play with friends. Other than that the kids spent a lot of time at my parent's house, for which I am thankful.  

 Harmonicas from Tom:
 snack after swimming:

 Peaches! 5 years after planting it our peach tree produced lots of fruit. Much of it was ruined by bugs or squirrels, but there was still plenty left to eat: