Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Best Toy Ever. Really.

We've been sick. Gavin got it first, then me. Now Gavin and I are still sniffly and Jake has it. Sore throat, low fever, runny nose, cough, chills and hot flashes. I really thought it was the flu, but Gavin's doctor said it was just a bad cold. She gave Gavin cough medicine, which didn't do a darn thing. There's even a warning label on the medicine bottle that states it has not been shown to be effective for children under the age of 6. He was pretty miserable for about a week. Finally the past couple days he's been feeling better. Yesterday he felt up to taking a spin in a toy I picked up for a steal in an after Christmas sale. And it's the best toy ever made. It's a remote control car...that your kid rides in while you control!

With the flip of a switch it can be controlled by the rider through a pedal and the steering wheel. Gavin hasn't figured out the whole steering thing yet. He does like to run into walls. We have to keep the car in another room because Gavin has a tendency to sit in it, buckle the seatbelt, play with the wheel a few seconds, then yell "stuck!" Repeatedly. I got tired of unbuckling him.