Thursday, January 20, 2011

weekly happenings

We had an ice storm overnight Sunday Jan 9. That's very unusual here, I can only recall one other time it has happened since we moved here. It's rarer than snow. After the storm our yard was covered in what looked like snow but was really ice. It covered the roads too, and shut down the town. School was cancelled for 2 days and the base was closed for a day and a half, so Jake got a snow day from work. We were all too sick to go play outside, but it took several days for all the ice to melt. On Saturday afternoon there was still a patch in a shady spot in the flower bed by our garage. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we all went out to play. First we took a walk on the wooded paths by our house. There are several, and we happened to end up at a dead end on the route we took. After that Gavin played in the remaining ice:

Then he helped me rake pine needles:

And Jake started clearing out the flower beds:
where we found this hiding under all the brush:
On Tuesday we took a trip to Lowes and found a tape measure keychain. Gavin claimed it as his own and has been busy measuring everything in the house:

Also of note this past week - I taught a couponing class at church last Thursday night. There was a large attendence - about 40 women, and they seemed to enjoy my presentation. Since then several of them have told me they have started using coupons, which is awesome. I love to help people save money.