Monday, January 24, 2011

Computer literacy?

If you have a toddler you must try this website:
It contains a bunch of slideshows for toddlers containing pictures, simple animations, and some music and speech. Your kid controls the slideshow by pushing the spacebar. I liked the nursery rhyme section best, but of course Gavin's favorite was the transportation slideshow:

Gavin's speech is coming along pretty well. He's starting to say more 2 word phrases, and once in a while he'll say a 3 or 4 word phrase. Yesterday he said "I'll do it." A few days ago he got mad at me when I turned off the tv and said "turn the tv on!" It was garbled, but he said it. His vocabulary is growing every day, but he has some favorite words he says most often: "cars", "choo choo", "bad guys", "dig!" (big), "tools", "dire ducks" (fire trucks), "bee-bop" (robot), "juice", "hero", "babies" (means little or diapers), "worios" (can mean cheerios or m&ms), "Melmo" (Elmo), "iders" (spiders) and of course "dig duck" (big truck).