Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today is our 12th wedding anniversary.
We celebrated by going out to lunch while Gavin played with Brayden.

 Some will tell you that the 12th anniversary present should be linen or silk. We had a different idea:
Actually, this purchase just happened to coincide with our anniversary. Our other riding lawnmower died (the free one), and our push mower isn't working either. After Jake spent several hours trying to fix our push mower yesterday and finding that the only lawnmower repair store in town that answered it's phone has a 3 week waiting list we decided to just go ahead and buy a new riding mower, which we had been hoping to put off until next spring. It's been an expensive year around here. Adoption homestudy update expenses, new kitchen faucet, new trees, new mattresses, car repairs, starting a termite control contract, a new edger, and now a new riding mower on top of the usual. It's only money, right?