Wednesday, August 8, 2012

End of summer

We're getting ready for school around here. Gavin starts next Monday. He's attending private school again this year so he can go half days instead of full days at public pre-k. Here are his school supplies:

 Before school starts we wanted to get in a trip to the museum of arts and sciences in Macon with our friends Angela and Brayden. In addition to their usual exhibits including a mini zoo:

they currently have a special exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs:

 bird watching room:

We have had a wonderful summer. Very low-key. Swimming almost every day it didn't rain - Gavin can now dive in our pool to retrieve toys and even leaves. Smoothies. Playing with friends at McDonalds, Burger King, Monkey Joes and our houses. Library trips. A trip to Florida. Playing with all Jake's old transformers. Homemade granola bars. Sleeping in a little. Breakfast in front of cartoons. Good stuff.