Friday, March 1, 2013

The Still Small Voice

Have you ever had a strong feeling that you were supposed to do something? Maybe a feeling that you should check and make sure someone is ok, or that you should avoid driving in a certain direction? As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I am privileged to the gift of the Holy Ghost, which allows me, if I am living a virtuous life, to receive continual guidance and inspiration. In other words, I get those guiding feelings fairly often. Usually it is through prayer. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm just having a random feeling or if it really is a spiritual prompting. Sometimes the feeling is so strong there is no mistaking its source. One of the leaders of my church said of the Holy Ghost, "He causes the truth to be indelibly written in our souls and can cause a mighty change to occur in our hearts." A couple weeks ago I got the paperwork to register Gavin for Kindergarten next year at his current school. The main reason we planned on leaving him there is that Kindergarten at his current school is 9-12 instead of 8:30-3:30 at public school. Jake and I both find it ridiculous to put such a young child in school all day, especially since I'm a stay at home mom. I had a slight feeling that I shouldn't submit the paperwork yet. I didn't think anything about it, and didn't fill out the forms. With sequestration looming I thought maybe it was related, although we planned on paying the tuition out of savings if need be. A few days later, one evening before bed, I got a really strong  prompting that I am supposed to homeschool Gavin next year. Shocked the hell out of me (You know if I cuss on the blog it must have been really shocking). My immediate thought was: I don't want to do this, but if God wants me to I will. What seems to be the theme song of our year popped into my mind - I will go, I will do, the things the Lord commands. I know the Lord provides a way, he wants me to obey. I called Jake before I went to bed, telling him about my prompting. As usual, he was supportive, saying that I should do what I felt is right. I couldn't sleep, which is a very rare occurrence for me. Luckily I have a night owl for a Mom. I called her and told her what I was thinking of doing. We talked it through and by the time I got off the phone both of us realized it was a pretty good idea, one that would help Gavin quite a bit. TO BE CONTINUED.... (Gavin is asleep and I want to enjoy some time to myself - and there's ice cream in the freezer.)