Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Wednesday was our day at Epcot. I liked the landscaping here more than the other parks. Also it seemed more open and less crowded. First we rode Soarin, a ride where you are lifted up in front of a huge movie screen and go on a virtual hang gliding trip over California. Gavin needed a little coaxing to go on it but he ended up enjoying the ride (but didn't want to do it again). We skipped several rides here (like the one that is inside the giant epcot ball) because they are dark, and Gavin was very insistent about no dark rides. Gavin really enjoyed visiting the Coke building, where you get to sample for free soda from all over the world. He said he liked all of the flavors, even the ones that were really gross to everyone else. Another highlight was walking around all the countries in the world showcase and eating some really good fish and chips in England for lunch.

 When Epcot opened for the day streamers were shot above the audience. We didn't get one but a nice guy in line in front of us gave on to Gavin:

 Anytime we saw a duck at Disney World Gavin would name it Gavin. If there was more than one he would name the others his middle and last name:
 Drummers in Japan:
 Loved the show with the soldiers in America:

 tried school bread in Norway - I was not impressed (not sweet enough for me), but Gavin and Jake liked it: