Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Summerland and Volcano pool

Friday we played miniature golf at Winter Summerland and swam in the condo pool. It was a good thing it was a slow day because by now Jake had come down with the bad cold Gavin and I had the previous week and was feeling pretty sick.

 After lunch I took Gavin to swim in the pool at the condo. Jake was feeling rotten so he took a nap. The pool water was too cool for my taste but it didn't seem to phase Gavin:

 hot tub:
 splash pad:
 After his nap Jake joined Gavin in the pool:

What a great week! Saturday Jake's parents flew out early in the morning and we drove home. On our way we drove by the Orlando Temple and I was amazed by how beautiful it is. Love the palm trees around it. Jake was really sick so I didn't take the time to stop and take a picture. I figured there were plenty online but when I looked, they really don't do the temple justice. Way better in person.