Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hollywood Studios

Monday we visited Hollywood Studios. On Jake and my last visit in 2003 it was our favorite park, and I think it still is mine. We got to ride Toy Story Mania twice, and we all really enjoyed it. I got to sit with Gavin on the ride and watching him laugh was the highlight of my day. The Disney Junior show was a lot of fun too. At the end of the show gold coins (gold colored discs of paper) fell on the audience, and Gavin about flipped out with excitement. The low point of the day was the Star Wars ride. Gavin has been talking about this ride for months. When it was time to go on it, he didn't want to, afraid that it would be dark (and therefore scary). On the ride you take a virtual ride in a spaceship to another planet. We dragged him onto the ride, expecting him to be ok once it started. He was not ok. He cried the whole time, at one point saying to me "I want to go back to Earth!," even though I told him about 15 times it was all pretend. And he refused to just close his eyes. Not our best parenting decision. That evening we got to see the Osborne Family Christmas lights set up on the Streets of America at Hollywood Studios, an amazing light display set to dance to music every few minutes. And there was fake snow. Gavin went crazy dancing around and catching the snow.

 waiting for the Toy Story ride, Mr. Potato Head  spoke specifically to Gavin which was pretty cool:

 Street Dance Party: