Sunday, February 16, 2014

Baby Shower

 Yesterday morning Amelia and I had fun at her baby shower, organized by Robyn, Leah, and Tammy. It was great - good food, wonderful company, and much appreciated gifts. We were having a hectic morning getting out the door so I forgot my camera, but it was kind of nice to not have to take pictures and just enjoy myself.

I did get Jake to take this one before we left:
 We came home with all these presents:

 Peter Pan flew to church this morning:
 And Amelia and I stayed home (still avoiding germs) and unpacked all the presents:

 My good friend Robyn made this beautiful hair bow holder for Amelia's room (The bows were all gifts from the shower):
 Robyn made this cool diaper wreath too:
 Mount Tissue Paper:
 I am also now well stocked in tissue paper and gift bags, which is a nice bonus: