Friday, February 14, 2014

Hats, Pirates, and Our Little Valentine

Cool hats made by cousin Katrina:
 Much appreciated birthday present from Miss Robyn:

At one month old Amelia is a joy to us all. My most frequent discipline issue with Gavin is touching the baby when he's not supposed to. He wants to play with her all the time and has trouble keeping his hands off of her. She is eating every 2 hours during the day, goes one 4 hour stretch at night and then eats every 2-3 hours the rest of the night. It usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour to get her fed and back sleeping soundly. Although I don't enjoy the actual getting up part (it feels like an alarm clock going off 3 times a night, and I'm not a morning person), once I am up for a few minutes I enjoy the time with Amelia and find myself smiling more often than not. Jake has been taking one feeding a night most nights lately which really helps me stay rested. Amelia enjoys:  lying on the floor with Gavin as he entertains her, her swing, kicking her legs, watching tv (not sure how much she can see but she looks in that direction), and lying on my or Jake's chest and having her back rubbed. So far she doesn't mind her car seat and has fallen asleep every time she's ridden in the car. The time of day she is most likely to be fussy is in the evening, anywhere between 6pm-10pm you may find Amelia fussing for no apparent reason (I think she's just tired), and me trying every trick I know to calm her down and keep her happy. 

 1 month old today:

 turns bright red when she's mad: