Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The call

On this Tuesday last year we got "the call." The previous week our caseworker Brad had called us to ask if we wanted to be considered to adopt Gavin, but we hadn't heard anything else. It's common in the adoption process to be considered for several babies before you get chosen. On this day Jake called me at work about 2pm to tell me Brad had just called to tell us we had a court date on Friday and to bring a carseat. Brad didn't know any details, so when I got home from work I called Hannah, the birthmother's caseworker, for the specifics. She was very suprised by how fast things were moving with the court system, as similar cases had taken months to resolve. She said we should be prepared to take Gavin home Friday, but it could also be postponed for a lot of different reasons. This is the day we decided to name him Gavin Thomas. We called our family and some friends with the news, and I started making a list of all the stuff we needed. We both took the rest of the week off to prepare. We went to bed early that night because we knew we would be busy the next day.