Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conference weekend

Gavin did pretty well during General Conference this weekend. He loves hearing the choir sing, and danced to almost every hymn. I got out his duplo blocks to keep him occupied, and discovered he is now old enough to actually put them together and play with them, which kept him occupied through a lot of conference time. Gavin keeps making what we can only guess are guns out of the blocks. He puts them together and holds them like he's shooting a gun. He doesn't have any toy guns so we're not sure where he picked that up. He also made a brush out of the blocks and combed his and my hair with it. He thought that was pretty funny. Notice the tongue of concentration:
Gavin's biggest meal of the day is breakfast. A typical meal is 2 whole wheat eggos and a banana or 1 and 1/2 cups prepared oatmeal and some fruit or a whole wheat bagel and fruit. He gets very impatient for his breakfast and usually is screaming by the time he is strapped into his highchair. He is perfectly capable of feeding himself oatmeal with a spoon now, but I have to feed him the first few bites because he can't do it fast enough when he's hungry and gets mad. Sunday he ate 2 pumpkin pancakes in his playpen while I was cooking, and then 3 more once we all sat down at the table.
Gavin's favorite toys lately are cars and trucks. He spends a good bit of time crawling around pushing them everywhere. We've been told he also spends most of his time in nursery doing this.
Sadly, we think Gavin is done with his morning naps now. They were nice while they lasted. We're still figuring out the best time for his 1 nap a day. He seems to do all right taking it around 2. This still gives Jake a little time with Gavin before he goes to work.
We've been trying to get in the habit of doing our daily family scripture study and prayer with Gavin after lunch. We're reading out of Old Testament Stories. Most of the time Gavin just wanders around and plays while we read, but some times we can entice him to look at the pictures if there is an animal involved - and in case you haven't noticed there are a lot of animals in the Old Testament. We figured out the only way to do our family prayer so that Gavin doesn't fuss is to stand up and hold him. He readily folds his arms when we do this, because this is also how we have done his prayers every night since we got him, standing by his crib. Yesterday after lunch Gavin was playing in the living room and he actually folded his arms and walked over to me. When I asked if he wanted to read scriptures and say a prayer he got excited and ran over to the bookcase. Hopefully starting this habit early in life will pay off.