Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk-or-Treat and Trike

This week my mom came up to spend some time with Gavin. Jake and I got a chance to run errands and eat out while Grandma babysat, which was really nice. Wednesday Grandma bought Gavin his first trike. He thinks it is a motorcycle and loves it. He likes to hold onto the handlebars and makes motorcycle noises. He can't reach the pedals yet, but pushes it around with his feet and is quickly learning to steer.

Wednesday night was trunk or treat at church. Gavin got dressed up like a lion but didn't want to leave his trike to go bye bye. He threw a big fit on his way out the door, but was ok once the car started moving.

Here he is with his best friends and their mommies at church - Carleigh was a cheerleader and Romana was a scarecrow.
At church Gavin played the beanbag toss and a fishing game inside before going outside to trunk or treat. I walked him around from car to car getting candy while my mom handed out candy from our trunk. He liked putting the candy in his pumpkin, but his favorite part was the beagle that was dressed up like Underdog that he got to pet.